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Featured Projects

Vehicle Customization

Unique virtual customization tools enabling manufacturers, dealers, and retailers to boost sales onsite or through their ecommerce website.


Warehouse Logistics

Efficiency and productivity solution for pick-and-pack workers at large warehouse facilities.


Virtual Sports Stadium

Immersive and interactive experience of live events for both remote and onsite spectators.


Virtual Building for AEC Applications

Multi-user AEC application enabling onsite and remote interaction between architects, contractors, and other trades at each stage of a building project.


Emergency Response

Life saving solution for first responders featuring multi-user situation awareness, data sensor capture, and vitals tracking.


AR Experience for Tourism

Ready to use, no code solution for Destination Marketing Organization, allowing the creation of unique interactive experiences for visitors.


Industrial Training

The future of industry: hands-free training and operation solution for technicians, including remote support.


Web AR Experiences

Easy-to-use solution for marketers wishing to showcase 3D models of their products anywhere, anytime.


Previous Work Highlights

2021 Magic Leap

Devise and prototype various tracking systems to determine the relative pose between a mobile object and an HMD worn by a user.

2019 Lenovo

Architecting solutions and finding best 2D marker and 3D object tracking and sharing solutions to use for licensing and integration in SDK.

2015 Accenture / Lockeed Martin

Prototype AR HMD and tablet system for the wiring harness technician to see overlays of the wires, fasteners and circuit diagrams

2013 ODG

Development of the AR Unity library view frustrum calibration.

2012 Atheer

Development of the visualization AR library, determination of the view frustrum, calibration, Opengl C++ code.

2011 Dekko

Development of the fusion core using internal visual and inertial sensor inside Ipad and Iphone to allow ARKit like tracking and enable various AR experiences.

2010 ITT

Vehicle AR system showing on a screen the location of mobile users inside an unprepared building to find disabled firefighter(s).

2010 ITT

Development of an internal AR library to provide multiple AR functions for various ITT Defense AR projects.

2008 ITT

Backpack worn CBRN system to detect and annotate the area scanned and locations of contaminant.

2005 Naval Research Laboratory

System to use a precise indoor tracking system in conjuncton with a GPS earth referenced pose tracking system to get a precise and robust combined outdoor pose.

2000 ITT / Naval Research Laboratory

3D OpenGL visualization code, demo and prototyping code.

1999 ITT / Naval Research Laboratory

Backpack worn systems developed for the exploration of AR software development for defense use by Marines using single board computer, GPS and inertial tracking systems, swappable batteries and early HMD systems.

1998 UCF

Optical bench with early HMD visualization system, optical tracking system and robotic positioning of a mannequin leg to prototype an inner anatomy visualization tool for the knee.

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